Joanne McCall is president of the Florida Education Association (FEA) which represents more than 140,000 school employees in Florida’s public schools, community colleges and universities.

FEA members include Pre-K through 12th grade teachers, education staff professionals, and higher education faculty, graduate assistants, students and retirees.

Joanne’s career in education began as a speech language pathologist at North Sumter Primary School in Sumter County. While in that role, she also managed many responsibilities including serving as president of the Sumter County Education Association, and before merger, she was vice president of FTP-NEA. Joanne taught her entire career at North Sumter Primary and only left when elected as vice president of FEA. During Joanne’s tenure as FEA Vice President, she helped establish financial stability, membership growth and groundbreaking bipartisan partnerships with political forces in Florida.

Joanne balances her role as president of FEA with her responsibilities as mom to sons, Spencer and Trevor, and pet Labradors, Cash and Gator and cat Tigress. Spencer and his significant other, Massiel Sanchez, are pursuing their careers in Boston: Spencer as a mechanic and Massiel at New England Law School. Trevor just graduated from Leon High School and is taking a gap semester working with underprivileged children in Italy.