Yesterday was an amazing day with my partner Fedrick Ingram. We started the day early with our AFT executive council meeting…from there we hopped on buses and rallied on the lawn of the Capital with President Randi Weingarten leading the charge with a hundred of our AFT family from across the country. There were no shortage of high profile speaks…Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Bobby Scott, Congressman Steny Hoyer, Congressman Keith Ellison, AFL-CIO President Trumpka and AFSCME President Lee Saunders. We also connected with some Florida folks…President Michelle Dillon and two brand new teachers from Pinellas, Joanna Ariel Jubitana and Stephanie Anne Potter. Of course our side kick Jordan was with us! After the rally we had meetings with Congressman Rutherford, Congressman Curbelo and Congresswoman Fredricka Wilson to discuss the ridiculous education budget (900 billion in cuts) that Trump is requesting and of course healthcare. A productive and long day but a good one. Always proud, humbled and honored to represent the 140,000 members of the FEA and speak on your behalf. On a plane heading home…yep it’s really 5:40am…office by 11! #POFEAlife