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American Education Week 2016

This week is American Education Week. This is a week to spotlight and thank those that work in our public schools every day. Our job is to provide a high quality education to every student from pre-kindergarten through college. It takes everyone in our public schools to help make a great public school experience for [...]

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Almost at the finish line.

The election is almost over... finally! Before celebrating, there was some campaigning to be done in Miami this past weekend. On Saturday, I joined the campaign trail on the Chiva bus caravan! The first stop was Shenandoah, where I met up and campaigned with Sonia Rodriguez for her husband José Javier Rodríguez. From there we [...]

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“Why I Am Taking a Gap Year” by Emma Jo

This is a blog from a classmate of Trevor's. She has been accepted to FSU...but has delayed it for a year to take a gap year. She has given me permission to share her blog. This is why we are teachers...and the stress our policy makers put on our students is absolutely wrong.  Thank you [...]

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