The election is almost over… finally! Before celebrating, there was some campaigning to be done in Miami this past weekend. On Saturday, I joined the campaign trail on the Chiva bus caravan! The first stop was Shenandoah, where I met up and campaigned with Sonia Rodriguez for her husband José Javier Rodríguez. From there we went to West Miami Community Center where we had an OTR (off the record) visit from Hillary Clinton – which was pretty cool, I must admit. I was able to speak to the Secretary about the next Secretary of Education. From there we went to the next early voting site JFK. I was appalled. I have never seen such mean, rude, disrespectful behavior at a polling site. Trump supporters yelled, screamed, stood in front of us and called us communists…it was unbelievable. We held it together went they went low we went high. We moved to a different spot only for them to follow us, so we shared our pastries and croquettes. The Chiva bus caravan then went to CubaOcho on Calle Ocho – the heart of Miami. We waved signs, danced on the sidewalk and street while an awesome Cuban band spontaneously played for us. We put out the rest of our food for anyone to enjoy as we encouraged people to vote.

Ron and I started early Sunday morning meeting Dwight Bullard at the first of three churches we would be visiting. We had to get those souls to the polls!!! Our first church on Sunday was St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church. The service and fellowship was amazing and the members of this community truly know Dwight is their champion! Second stop was the Second Baptist Church, where they literally they held their service in the Regal Cinemas. We were joined by Dwight’s sister, brother-in-law and their two children. It was yet another amazing service and the Pastor let the congregation know they needed to take their ‘souls to the polls’ after the service. Our last church was Mt Moriah Baptist Church – where we participated in an amazing emotional service. The members of this church congregation know and love Dwight and are appalled at his opponents negative, untrue campaigning. #teambullard

Thanks to my ‘partner in crime’ Ronald F. Bilbao for getting me everywhere I needed to be. Also thanks to Rich Grady and Frank Peterman III for also joining us along the way. If you haven’t already voted, make sure you do so tomorrow!! Remember, don’t boo – VOTE!