This week is American Education Week. This is a week to spotlight and thank those that work in our public schools every day. Our job is to provide a high quality education to every student from pre-kindergarten through college. It takes everyone in our public schools to help make a great public school experience for the students that enter our schools.

Hats off to those that work with our students on a daily basis no matter what their job classification. Wednesday, 11/16/16, we dedicate to our hard working Education Staff Professionals – our unsung heroes and heroines in our public schools that ensure everything runs smoothly and assist with our students education. It takes all of us working together to make a difference in our public schools.

Public schools are the cornerstone of our democracy and is the great equalizer for all students that enter our doors. We take each and every student where they are… nurture, love and teach them not only book knowledge, but tolerance, diversity, civility and how to be the best productive citizen in our society while finding their passion in life.

Thank you to my fellow teachers and to my Education Staff Professional colleagues…you make public schools work and you are here for every student, every school, every day!! You rock!

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