As teachers and education staff professionals all across Florida prepare for students to return, we at the FEA want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful school year.  We know that we educate 2.8 million students across this state. We know that public education is the cornerstone of our democracy and education is the key.  We know that we make the difference!  Education can unlock and open doors for all students regardless of their zip code or wealth.  Our public schools – where curiosity blossoms and the love of leaning occurs.  Every day our teachers and education staff professionals do great things to make the lives of our students better.  Public schools take all students – from all walks of life and give students opportunities that may otherwise not be available.   Newly, crafted legislation has been signed into law to harm our public schools – giving scarce resources to for profit charter schools.  We need members of our communities to stand with us now more than ever!

Be part of the solution – volunteer in your neighborhood public school.  We need mentors and those that want to help make our students successful and make a difference in the life of a child.  We need people to stand with us to help every student succeed and reach their potential.   It really is all of our responsibility to give every student, every school, every day a great pathway to the American Dream.

Don’t be a spectator…be a participant…volunteer…we need you!