Almost at the finish line.

The election is almost over... finally! Before celebrating, there was some campaigning to be done in Miami this past weekend. On Saturday, I joined the campaign trail on the Chiva bus caravan! The first stop [...]

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“Why I Am Taking a Gap Year” by Emma Jo

This is a blog from a classmate of Trevor's. She has been accepted to FSU...but has delayed it for a year to take a gap year. She has given me permission to share her blog. [...]

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6 days until this election is over

This year I held my very first Delegate Assembly as President of the Florida Education Association, and what an event it was. A former president, a candidate for Senate, a moving session on institutional racism [...]

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That’s a wrap!

"Finally taking a moment to post about my first FEA Delegate Assembly as the President of the Florida Education Association. I wanted to soak up and capture every moment. We had over 1000 delegates and [...]

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Pounding the pavement with Jose Javier Rodriguez for SD 37

"Elections matter and so do our actions...pounding the pavement with and for Jose Javier Rodriguez Senate District 37! Best choice for our public schools, our students and our members. Thanks to Ronald Bilbao for being [...]

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FEA Supports Jose Javier Rodriguez

Friends, Our Florida teachers and education staff professionals are proud to support Jose Javier Rodriguez in his campaign for the state Senate. He has been a fierce champion of our public school system and has [...]

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